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🚚 Free Express Shipping for All Orders +250 USD

Wholesale Partnership

Why Buy Wholesale From Us?

1. Relativley Small MOQ and safe payment. 
2. Get wholesale discounts and one to one customer service. 

Contact us : office@eugfashion.com
3. The name or logo of our company will not be attached on the package, or on anywhere else ( just let us know if you prefer )

4. We can Design your Company Logo and produce the items with it.

Our Wholesale Rules.

1. After you applied as our wholesale customer, you can get the discount based on your
Order Amount, for detailed discount information please check the chart below.

2. Wholesale discounts do not apply to Promotional or Flash Deal items, and the Coupons cannot be used for wholesale orders.

3. We reserve the right to explain the terms of the rules.