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Handmade Fuchsia Leather Bag, Leather Tote Shoulder Bag, Leather Crossbody Bag, Leather Satchel - BA0862LD



This is a High Quality Fuchsia Italian Genuine Leather Tote Bag with an Outside Pocket.
Absolutely unique model for the new season! Absolutely unique model for the new season! STYLISH AND SEXY, unique and extravagant. It will definitely be your love of first sight during the next season. A Sign of Quality. This stylish Clutch has been expertly crafted using premium materials to give reliable quality, strength, durability and beauty. Every bag in our store is precisely hand cut. The edges of our bags and the straps are beveled and edge-coated to bring out the high standard design of the product. Our Leather
is sourced from Tuscany known as one of the best leather manufacturing regions in the world located in Italy. The leather used for this Clutch is a vegetable tanned leather that has gone through milling processes to unfold a beautiful rich texture as the fibers are loosened making it soft but retain it's structure. The straps are made of smooth veg tan leather. Once combined with milled leather our bag production stands out with it's remarkable looks and feeling of quality. This bag has been made with love and attention, has the unique look of our handmade work, the comfort of a big bag with two small pockets and the strength of a leather product.
Width 26'' / 66 cm
Long 30'' / 76 cm.
Made of: 100% Italian Premium Quality Genuine Leather.
Lining: 100% Viscose.
Inside: Two zipper pockets ( Phone+Pad ), one big documents pocket.
Outside: pocket with a zipper.

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