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Affiliate instructions

There is a way to earn income by signing up for our affiliate program.

What is an affiliate and how it is functioning ?

Affiliate is somebody who promotes other merchants' products at its own website or personal page. In this case here the promoting happens by getting an affiliate link which we give to you so you can distribute it in the best way you find so it can get many views and clicks thus providing a commission for you. Visitors to your website or page may order our merchandise from your link. When that happens all the sales are monitored via online tools which track and lead to where the transacted person came from. That means that these tools are able to monitor if someone came from your site. It gets all that information leading to your personal link or banner that you copied from your affiliate dashboard and literally passes on a commission to the website from where the customer came into our store to make an order.

Depending on how and where you spread the word about us you can quickly get money on the side. That can happen just by sharing a link on your social circles online. You can easily copy your personal referral link and paste it as an sms as well as on other messengers like Viber, WhatsApp, Skype. You can share it on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page and also wherever you think that more people are able to see it. The more clicks your link makes the better chance you get to make a bigger commision.  Every purchase generated through that link will lead to you and it will instantly generate and update your commision that you can monitor on your personal Affiliate Dashboard. That can happen with a flinch on your finger. No matter if you are located on the couch watching TV or sitting in the kitchen while reading your favorite news and blogs.

You can sign up on our a EUG Fashion Affiliate Page. Just follow the steps below and if you have any questions feel free to write us on our e-mail: