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Posted on April 24 2017

Inspired by the exquisite feminine curves, we at EUG FASHION create a fashion that reveals your exclusive style and identity!

We understand that not everything is one size, one line, one form. We also understand that this is the marvelous/amazing beauty of life and above of all, this is the real beauty that is locked inside each of us.

We desire, we dream, we are cheerful, we suffer, we feel, we are temperamental, we are gentle, we are strong, we are exclusive - we are Women!

The whole palette of feelings, emotions and experiences is inside us and the style is what reveals who we really are - our individuality.

And the most important is that we truly accept us are and we don't make compromise with our identity. We demand/require style and we demand fit.

We believe that fashion is not limited by size and our brand EUG Fashion embodies the modern woman she owns, an individual style combined with femininity, chicity and a touch of rebellion. All our clothes are handmade by designers and they are one of a kind. Just like you!

Join our mission to reveal real women’s confident and beauty.

and share our passion to be trendy and like our amazing selves!