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Three Trends You Can Keep Wearing in 2019 - EUG FASHION
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Three Trends You Can Keep Wearing in 2019

Posted on January 25 2019

This week we present you three Main Trends that you can keep wearing in the following Fashion Seasons. Find your favorite combination in our fashion trend research.         

1. Florals, Prints & Patterns

You can take the best from Customized Clothing for Women as wearing prints and patterns. That supposed to be a fun part of getting dressed with this trend. It is so inspiring and interesting to play with Handmade Floral and Animal Patterns, because you really develop the imagination and control the flow of the eye.

 2. The Vision of 80’s

Combinations between bright colors like many trends lately is a comeback that we have seen before. The decade of 80’s was famous with the use of neons in fashion.

At the most basic level, you should try out using a couple different colors together. To achieve this trendy look, experiment a bit. Just imagine the beauty of African Clothing for Women and if you play around a bit you will find what colors look good together and what colors look good on you.

Other part of the resurgence of 80’s trends were ruffles that become incredibly popular once again. They were also a key look for the decade.

Today, you can find ruffles on many items, including, trendy crop tops, cashmere jackets, drop crotch pants, maxi skirts or dresses for women, and even shoes and bags. Best of all, you can rock this 80’s trend any way that you like. Floaty and sheer ruffles will create a vintage feel of Summer Maxi Dresses for Women, more structured ruffles and long wavy details will reference glamorous evening looks.

3. Statement Jewelry and Accessories

Accessories are the determination about the final look, the thing you want to add emphasis to. Each season brings with it a new twist to an already timeless trend.                    

Minimalist style or a bolder look, Handmade Leather Necklaces and Bracelets have reigned supreme.

We can expect new and exciting accessories trends that make an impression, exploring new fun color combinations, shapes, sizes and materials across Soft Wool Mohair Scarfs, Genuine Long Leather Handmade Necklaces, Leather Clutch Hand Bags and Genuine Leather Shoes as well.