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Look Sassy With A Perfectly Matched Bag | Bags for Women - EUG FASHION
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Look Sassy With A Perfectly Matched Bag

Posted on August 29 2017

Style divas often seen on runways or red-carpets become talk of the town whenever they appear in public. It is only because of their outfits but also because of the designer handbags or tote which they carry. That is why; beauty blogs and fashion magazines dedicate so much time and space to contemplate about the choices of the handbag which they carry. No matter what anyone would say, a fine handbag or tote takes your style quotient to the next level. We have listed here few tips that will help you pick right bag to match your outfit every time you go out.

Take a handbag according to occasion

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A bag should be always according to the occasion whether you are going for shopping, a meeting, or a formal night-out. The thumb rule to choose any handbag is that the small bags are appropriate for dressy and sophisticated occasions whereas large bags are meant for casual and laid-back occasions. Therefore, baggy bags usually go well with casuals and clutches with formal clothes. Hence, we have made a list of specific handbag that will suit your purpose or occasion.  

Casual Getaway or Shopping 

Shopping bags

A shopping bag should be spacious, hence over-sized duffel or a hobo bag can be paired along with a bohemian skirt or a pair of shorts. This will get you admiring glances at both shopping malls and flea markets.  

Formal Attire

Office Bags foe Women

Office bags should have large compartments that can accommodate anything from your laptop to your daily make-up essentials. A spacious satchel bag with high-waist trousers or a pencil skirt would make you the talk of your workplace.       

Cocktail/Party Dresses

Clutch bags for women

Miniature bags and clutches are ideal for formal and dressy events. When carried with sheath or a plain embellished dress, sequined envelope clutches completes your look. If you are wearing a dress with heavy embellishment, then a plain clutch is a wiser choice.   

A bag according to your body shape

Like clothes, a handbag can also accentuate or diminish your body form and features. It can also draw away attention from your body parts which you don’t like particularly like. It is just about choosing the right bag according to the shape and silhouette of your body. Following are few body shapes and suitable bags according to it:        

Pear-Shaped Body

Shoulder Bags for Women

Wider around the hips and thighs, the focus of this body form is central part of the body. Hence, any hip-length bag will make your hips look larger. If you have such a body form, then you can go for a short strapped shoulder bag and a small suitcase or a satchel bag.

Big Bust 

Saddle Bags for Women, Girls

This body form is also heavy and the bag you choose has to be proportionate necessarily according to your bust. So, ladies with heavy bust should avoid bags that draw attention to their cleavage, such as saddle bags.

Curvy Physique 

Long, slim bags for women online

Long, slim bags are ideal for you, especially if you are short as they will make you appear slimmer and taller! For tall women with curves, low-hanging bags are gorgeous options. So, add these stylish handbags or clutches in your wardrobe and team them up perfectly according to your body form and occasion in order to create an unforgettable impression wherever you go.