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EUG FASHION - The Untold Story

Posted on July 19 2017



Hi I am Geri, 


Let me tell you a story about my dear friend Annie.

Me and the girls were having some great time together one afternoon talking about, you know what - girly stuff, and everything has been just perfect. Since we are all ladies having our own businesses every one of us has responsibilities 24/7. After we gossiped about all the latest updates around us we started getting into our private affairs.

We always share our deepest concerns with each other and we trust in the judgement of one another. My dearest friend Annie has been struggling with her clothing style for a while. She gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy. That made her change the biggest wardrobe in the world, filled with so many beautiful things and her entire style. I can really say that this woman has a remarkable taste in fashion and her taste in clothing is still spectacular - one of the things I’ve always admired in her. We’ve been shopping together countless times but now it is not so easy as it used to be.

Finally, I came up with something that made me change my strategy and turned around my career.

My business have been in the field of clothing fashion for many years. Having Annie and her problematic situation kind of made me a little upset. Even though she has curves, Annie is still a very sexy and a very beautiful woman. Why aren’t there any suitable clothes to match her taste?

Because I love her so much I started thinking of a way to solve her problem. Having in mind what type of clothes she loves and her measurements, that she gave me a while ago when we were looking for custom made designs, I took one sheet of paper from the printer and began drawing and designing exactly what she wanted. It took me the whole weekend to come up with a proper solution for Annie because I knew that whatever I come up with I will make it in such a way that will blow her mind away. The design had to have the feeling, the style and the precision to make my friend look sexy and daring because this is her nature. My experience with all different fabrics led me to choose an amazing, soft, natural cotton material, having a remarkable feeling when it touches your skin and the way it fits on a dress... ‘Fabulous’ !

I have a friend that is very good at engineering a clothing design so I needed her assistance. I was so excited. It felt as if I made the world’s biggest breakthrough, and for me it felt like such. I took all the pieces and all the ideas I had in mind and ran straight to her. Together we managed to produce one awesome Jumpsuit, 3 astonishing, sexy and elegant dresses and 2 stylish and elegant drop-crotch harem pants.

After I have finished I felt so happy! My body was on fire and my eyes were shining! I’ve done it and I have been 1000% sure that I made something different and that it had my vision, my soul and passion put all together in the same place. I was sure that the clothes I made will not only meet my friend’s expectations but far more than that.

So I called Annie and I asked the girls to get together at my place as we normally do.

When all of us were present, I told Annie that I have something for her. I went to the other room, took out the clothes and got them in the living room where we were sitting. The girls were shocked and Annie was mesmerized when they saw me wearing the surprise.

I rarely witness a moment of such happiness. There is no better reward for something that you’ve created than the way she appreciated my work. She was so grateful because she knew that whatever she saw in that moment was nothing less than what she exactly wanted all that time, even before trying it.  She jumped from the couch and shouted “YES! Geri I love you, I love you” for quite a while. Then she went and tried every model 15 times or so and the fit has been just there – spot on!

I will never forget that moment.

Since then I realized what I have to do and created my business – an online store - to be for people with the need to have something exclusive, something that is handmade and designed for their needs and something they can wear and feel great wearing it no matter how big or small your size is.

Whether if it will be a dress or skirt, a jumpsuit, tunics and tops, drop crotch – harem pants, a set maybe, I made a clothing fashion that is proved to be a head turner when it is seen out in the open especially when combined with our fabulous leather tote bags.